Saturday, January 14, 2006

Spam, Spam, and Some Other Stuff

Trying out a new mood icon. I made it from a photo of a mannequin in a store window. She looks almost real, doesn't she?

I love this piece of spam I got today: Prolong that Thing would like me to "Prolong that thing." Unh huh. Meanwhile, Spencer Jasmine offers up this subject line: "Dear Shelly.S I waistcoat of takers a earflaps the drenched is spit..." I'd have to open the spam mail to see the rest of this delight of literary effort because that's all gmail shows in its subject line/first line in the spam folder page. Now really, can anyone think that will entice folks to click? I suppose so, otherwise, they wouldn't be sending this crap to clog our emailboxes.

BTW, I have yet to star any of my gmail. Am I the exception or the rule in this? I can't figure out what deserves a star.

I should've mentioned this sooner: My favorite kosher deli closed after a dispute with its landlord. The Second Avenue Deli is no more. I hadn't eaten in there for years because it was always so crowded and the wait for a table too long. I kept putting off getting one of their yummy corned beef on club sandwiches and now, it's too late. Let that be a lesson to you. Never put something off or you might lose the opportunity.