Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Word Play and Some Other Stuff

The word verification thingie is working well, even though I sometimes can't tell what the letters are and it takes me 2-3 tries to comment on my own blogs. Sometimes, I've noticed the letters are quite pronounceable and sound like they should be words. Like today, when I got this one: ogolau. Anyone care to come up with a definition for it? We could make that a weekly feature — sharing our favorite word verification maybe words and collectively trying to come up with definitions for them. Anyone game? For example, an ogolau could easily be a marsupial, I think, or perhaps a member of the orangutan family. Anyone else care to try?

Very entertaining: Elevator Moods. Click the up button and enjoy. Found on Cynical-C Blog.

Found a fun blog all about candy. YES! A Candy Blog. Yum. The entry on Smarties vs. M&Ms alone is worth adding it to my Bloglines subs.