Thursday, September 29, 2005


Thank Goodness it's Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday and I'm not working this Saturday. Yeeha! Have a bar mitzvah to go to on Saturday. Probably won't see Serenity til early next week. So I'll be avoiding anything to do with the movie til after I see it. I do not want to see or hear spoilers.

I think I need a mood icon for brain dead.

So I watched Invasion last week and enjoyed it, then completely forgot to watch it yesterday. Did I miss much?

Alias was gripping. I can't help wondering if a show that has so many bizarre and outrageous plot twists and turns could ever jump the shark? Still, I'm watching, so that says something, I guess, even if I wasn't eagerly awaiting its turn.

Spent the last few nights furiously playing with icons in Photoshop and my blog templates and updating a few pages on the website. Tonight, I don't feel like doing anything that requires higher brain activity than is found in the average slug.