Sunday, September 25, 2005

Random Linkage or Some Stuff that Doesn't Suck

Did a blogging meme on Presto Speaks!

If you liked Woogle from yesterday, you might also like Toogle.

Bill Watterson created one of the best all-time comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes. This interview gives a nice overview. Also, for you word lovers, there's this site with "Weird and wonderful vocabulary from around the world." I don't like the article (how would you like your language called "weird"?), but the words, themselves, are more cool than weird. After all, you might have need for some of them. (Links found on Blog of a Bookslut.)

Spam You Don't See. Pretty funny. (Found on Grow-a-brain.)

My Robut slut name is Metal McShagger.
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