Monday, September 19, 2005

New TV Season

Watched "Bones" last week and wasn't all that impressed despite wanting to like it given David Boreanez stars. The cast is fine, but it was just another forensics cop show. This week, "NCIS" is back, and it's opposite "Bones," so I'll be watching "NCIS."

Tonight I was torn between watching "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential." Both have Buffy alums, Allyson Hannigan and Nicolas Brendon respectively. I opted for the former and really enjoyed it. It's smart and sassy, two things I love in a comedy.

"Two and a Half Men" was good, picking up where it left off, with the kid, Jake, sassier than ever. And Jon Cryer, playing the weaker brother, is a comedy genius. His timing is impeccable.

"Out of Practice" has a good cast, but failed to engage me. But with a half hour in the middle of the night there, I'm likely to leave it on.

I watched "CSI: Miami" after. Again, it's a tough call because I got hooked on "Medium" over the summer, but I missed the season ender to that, so figured I'd watch "CSI: Miami" tonight. I suspect I'll go back to "Medium" next week. I love cop shows, and I really enjoy "CSI: Miami," but "Medium" is also a crime show but with a neat twist and is well played. Copycats abound this season, but this is the real thing, a good, solid hour of TV, nothing flashy, just entertaining.

Once I get through all the new shows I want to try, I'll update my TV viewing in the sidebar.