Sunday, September 04, 2005

Caution: Randomized Posting Ahead

Went to Miniatures Show here in NYC. Didn't buy much, for once, but chatted with a few of the dealers/artisans I know, then took a nice long walk. It was a gorgeous day. The street near the hotel where the show was held was so crowded, it was hard to walk. Lots of people holding hands. I came face to face with one such couple, right in the middle. Instead of dropping hands to let me pass, they raised them so I could walk under. I laughed, but it felt weird that I'm short enough to have been able to do that, and that they realized I was that short. hmmmm....

Watched first 3 episodes of Firefly on DVD last night. So nice to see them in the right order. They do make more sense that way, and I loved the series. I plan to watch the entire series, then read the 3-part comic (last part should be out soon) in preparation of seeing the movie in a few weeks.

Did laundry today. The thrills continue. I think I'll add to the good times by tackling the bathrooms next.

I hate that the days are already noticeably shorter (yes, it's actually dark now at 8 pm), but I am so enjoying the nicer, cooler weather. I hope that lasts.

Been cleaning out my closets and bureau drawers. Actually got rid of some shoes *gasp* that seem to no longer be comfortable or that I haven't worn in years. Need to make room for new ones and I'm always buying new ones. Closet cleaning is something I enjoy doing, a ritual changing of the seasons, allowing me to assess clothing needs for the upcoming weather conditions so I'll know what I need to buy. Any excuse for shopping.

And with the cooler weather, it feels as if my brain is perking up. Spring and fall, I feel alert. Summer is doldrums and winter is more like brain hibernation. For me, nothing beats spring and fall.

I knew it was imminent, but Rehnquist's death is a tough blow and I'm not really ready to contemplate Bush nominating 2 Supreme Court justices this year. One is more than enough.