Monday, August 01, 2005

If It's Monday, It Must Be Miscellany Time

Chocolate Cheese? The mind boggles. Found on Collecting My Thoughts.

I'm sure I've seen this, maybe even posted it before, but it's still fun: an alternate version of an E.A. Poe poem. Found on Maud Newton.

When are tattoos not tattoos? When they're sleeves. These are very cool. I must get some.

I've seen this on a number of blogs and finally decided to take the quiz, myself. No surprise with the results.
You are an Atheist

When it comes to religion, you're a non-believer (simple as that).
You prefer to think about what's known and proven.
You don't need religion to solve life's problems.
Instead, you tend to work things out with logic and philosophy.