Tuesday, August 02, 2005

If I Didn't Know There Was Only One Monday Per Week...

... I'd swear there were two. Yeah, today was a continuation of yesterday, but with less staff at work

Mets gave up 4 home runs in the first 2 innings (Zambrano was tossing volleyballs to the Brewers, apparently), there were something like 35 hits in the game, and the Mets won in extra innings when Mike Piazza drew a bases loaded walk as a pinch hitter. A walk off walk works as well as a walk off home run does, so we'll take it, gladly.

Islanders lost Adrian Aucoin (I just love his name and he's kinda cute, too) in the NHL player swap draft. I'll be happy when the rosters are finally set and I'll know which players I'll be rooting for on my beloved Islanders.

Things don't get much weirder than this: the Psychic Cow. Can you guess the color of her udders? (found on Bacon and Ehs)