Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cowboy Boots

These are my current cowboy boots. There is also a pair of black shoe boots with a silver buckle on the side, but they didn't fit in with the taller boots. And yes, I think I want at least one other pair. And I kinda resent that cowboy boots have become so popular. I've had them for years, but now I'll look like I'm following the fashion crowd. feh

[Added: And of course, I forgot a pair, my short, two-tone, Justins which were on the other side of the closet. They have a pattern on the lower part and I'm too lazy to pull out the camera and take another photo. And of course, I can't find them on the website.]

Turned out to be a nice, if hot day, not quite as humid as I'd feared. Nice and clear, blue sky nice. Gym was successful. Did 40 minutes on the treadmill and the scale says I actually took off one of the pounds I'd put on. If I can just lose one pound a week, in 10 weeks, I'll meet my main goal. Then I can try for another 5.

Tried on some nice shoes at the Clarks store and was shocked that none of them fit right. In fact, if the left was comfy, the right was too big. And some of them weren't sufficiently cushioned for my taste. So I actually tried on a half dozen pairs of shoes and didn't buy any.

A week from Friday is CC's first anniversary. I'm still entertaining ideas for the big celebration.