Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bit of This, Bit of That

So we're on the way home from the concert tonight and put the Mets/AZ Diamondbacks game on the radio just in time to hear the Mets break through. The D-backs are pretty much out of postion, tripping over themselves in the outfield, unable to come up with the ball and the infield isn't much better. So Gary Cohen, one of the radio 'casters says that the Diamondbacks manager's closed door, 90-minute meeting with the team before the game did a lot of good. "And don't they look crisp." I can't remember when I heard that much honesty and that much sarcasm from a sportscaster. Well, he is a Mets broadcaster, but still, it was pretty funny. The Mets now have 16 runs, after scoring 14 last night, and it's only the 6th inning. I hope they don't tire themselves out for the rest of the week.

Picked up my weekly comics and was thrilled to find the next Modesty Blaise comic strip collection from Titan Books was out, so now I have The Green-Eyed Monster in my happy, little hands. I would love someone to do Modesty Blaise as a TV series, the right way.

Sometimes, you just need to get a new something, even though the old something is working fine, because the old something is an ugly beige and the new something is a sleek, retro green and will look so much better in the kitchen while making malteds. This is in a truck, en route to me.

Still trying to find usable pics/graphics for some moods. Happy is especially elusive.