Monday, July 18, 2005

Translated Lyrics Meme

Got this from Mavarin. Take a favorite song's lyrics, use Google Translate Tool and translate it from English to German, then German to French, and finally, French back to English and post the lyrics and see if anyone can guess the song. I don't have a favorite, so I picked my wedding song, a fairly old one. Sorry.

right, that I fuer with you to interest to me to have and try, you happy to
form, if you blue right, to believe to be needed right, it it manner I, because,
because I to like, say you false, I not year they ' causes to think, if they to
say, this thing, that you to know, me blue to me a kiss to leave and I happy,
that right, right, with you to give me, give me, a probability to you, narrow
you because, because I to love you

Well, that was weird.