Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday in the Park

Met a friend for lunch (challah French toast with eggs in a coffeeshop in midtown), then we went for a walk in Central Park. I forgot my camera, so no pics, damn it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Hubby and I went to the movies tonight because the oldies concert we were supposed to go to was cancelled. Saw, finally, "Batman Begins." Finally, they got it right. This movie was made by people who understand and appreciate the Batman mythos. I don't like changing things for the sake of change, but changes that enhance the story/character and are more workable than what's in the comics is fine and that's what this movie got right. All the changes came from the comics, bits and pieces from all over the Batman timeline, and were put together with some new things to make a coherent whole. I loved the flashbacks and his training. I loved the building in his fear of bats and increasing his motivation to become Batman. I like how they wove a couple of storylines together. And I loved the casting. Christian Bale IS Batman. Michael Caine was a wonderful Alfred. Morgan Freeman epitomized Lucius Fox. And I can't imagine now a better Jim Gordon than Gary Oldman. Kudos all around.

Now I wanna see the new Superman movie. That Routh guy sure fills out the costume nicely. And then a Superman/Batman movie would be heaven.