Friday, July 29, 2005

Beyond the Blue Horizon

Oldies concert night at Northfork Theater at Westbury which shall always be Westbury Music Fair in my heart.

Lou Christie was the first act and was in pretty fine voice, doing a nice job with the falsetto that made him great all those years ago. He really knows how to work an audience and he comes across as sincere and warm, very friendly to his fans. The title of this entry is his song that became famous when it was used in the movie "Rain Man." He sang it tonight, along with most of his other hits. This was the second time we've seen Lou perform there.

Then came Dion, a New York original, yo. There's no one quite like Dion (we've see him a few times now) and what makes his show great is not just the way he works the audience, complete with what seems to be requisite singalongs on choruses, but that while his songs are familiar, they aren't quite the same as when he originally recorded them. Most have been slowed or had slight adjustments to the arrangement for dramatic effect. It makes it a bit tough to sing along at times, but it emphasizes his unique sound.

Both these performers are showing their age, and Lou sure has lost most of his smoldering, youthful sex appeal, but they don't seem to be slowing down.


Elsewhen, I had a call forwarded to me today that had me a bit anxious. It's been a week of complaining patrons so when I was told the woman wanted to speak with me, all I could think was "Uh oh, now what?" But all was good. She just wanted to thank me for the books I selected last week for her. Seems she showed her friends and they all agreed they were excellent selections, so she called to thank me.

Whenever the job starts to stress me out, I get a call like that, or have an in-person encounter like that, that reminds me why I do this kind of work. So, thanks, m'am, it's always nice to be appreciated.