Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sad Thursday

My rambling thoughts on the London bombings is over on Occasional Blog.

You might've noticed my UnkyMood thingie is gone. I emailed Marc, the UnkyMood creator, and he said he was having domain issues. I hope he gets the site back up. Now if I could just find out if the BloggerPet is gone for good.

Busy day at work and it promises to stay that way for quite a while, but at least I'm almost done with the monthly tasks. Just a couple of big ones left, including quarterly stats.

Mets beat Nationals again. Given the Nationals have been ripping through the league this season, that's pretty good. Of course, this being the Mets, they got the winning run when Mike Piazza singled into a double play. They've been known to find new ways to lose, so it was nice to see they found a new way to win.

Coolish, cloudy, humid day. I've got lots to do, but feel too sluggish to do any of it, so I'm blogging.