Saturday, July 09, 2005


Something that never happened between the age of 3, when I started wearing glasses, and the age of 50, when I started to not need to wear them every waking moment: I couldn't find my glasses a short while ago. Turns out I'd left them in my boss' office while I was checking the schedules. I take them off to read. Even odder, I hadn't realized I wasn't wearing them when I left her office.

My nose is cold. If I were a dog, I guess I'd be in the peak of good health.

Mets blew a sure win last night. I'm still upset about it.

Curse you, Boing Boing. That link for the Bricks game is why I almost didn't get to bed last night. That game is too addicting.

This blog will be one year old next month. I want to celebrate the occasion and will happily consider your suggestions. Would you like to see something here? I don't post photos of actual people, including myself, but U;kk entertain almost anything else.

I have a new poll in the sidebar. Please take a moment to answer. Thanks much.