Thursday, July 21, 2005


Is July really more than half over?

There was no hot water in my bathroom tonight. Much as I needed to cool down from the 90°F day, I really didn't want to do it by having cold water pouring onto my head in the shower while I washed my hair. Brrrrrr.....

Work has been fairly stressful. Not enough staff, steady level of busy-ness, and the nutbar patron from hell has resurfaced to tell us what incompetent fools we are.

Mets won today, handedly, and are now 3 games over .500. Woohoo.

My best bud in the world now has an LJ. She's here. And I've been playing with LiveJournal, learning about theme and user layers and styles. It sure is a different system than here on Blogger. You can see my efforts on Write Stuff.

Firefox doesn't show the nifty scrollbar colors. IE doesn't show the nifty favicons from websites. Why do these browsers keep spoiling my need for all things nifty?

To the old guy who coughed as he passed me on the street and didn't cover his mouth: Why, thank you. I needed more germs today, having used up my own supply. (Sheesh, even old people don't have manners, anymore.)

If I had a dollar for every patron who's called to ask for a book and didn't give their name until I had to ask for it 2-3 times, I'd've retired rich long ago. I had a few of them today during my two hours of reference phone work. No, folks, sorry, I'm not the Psychic Librarian. That would be a great gig, though, wouldn't it? It would also make a cool blog title too, wouldn't it? I can almost see the header now....

If Gail Simone is not one of the best writers of comics today, I don't know who is. She certainly writes the most realistic, believable female characters, even the ones with super abilities who fight crime while wearing skimpy costumes. Her latest storyline on DC's Birds of Prey has been nothing short of amazing and I can't wait for the next chapter. Gail is also known for her essay on Women in Refrigerators.