Saturday, July 02, 2005

Joys of Blogging

Blogged about old, favorite clothes on Retro-Spective. And I offered up some brief thoughts re: the Supreme Court situation on Occasional Blog.

Decided to celebrate July with a new background here. This seems summery enough. Blogger Pet is AWOL again. Blogchalk seems to be gone, too, but the data is still here because it's in the template, so why not leave it. Nerds on Site is also not all here. They did something or other and I might need to get the code again, but I've been too lazy to bother for now. I was getting occasional popups here and not on any of my other blogs, so I took out the random quote which was from BlogThings and that seems to have helped.

If anyone thinks I'm a blogging slacker, I did do the MIT survey. I just didn't think to grab a graphic and put up the link. Bad blogger, no biscuit for that, but I did do my part. I happen to love filling out questionnaires, even ones I never turn in. Anyway, if you haven't taken the survey, what are you waiting for? Here's the link.

The Mets pulled out a close one tonight, very exciting, and I've spent way too much time tonight surfing via BlogExplosion. And the more I have to do, the harder it seems to be to actually do any of it.