Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Day That Got Away

Don't they all do that? The days off work, the lazy days of summer when you manage to wake up early and figure you have plenty of time to do things, then you turn around and the sun is a giant orange ball at the horizon and you can't quite fathom where the time went.

I spent some of the day fixing an oops on the website, mainly the list of avatars I thought I'd saved and uploaded, but hadn't, so I had to redo them. And I read blogs and comics and watched the Mets salvage the last game of the series with Pittsburgh before the All-Star break. I really need to get to the things on my list of summer projects, but at least reading through the stacks of comics is one of them.

I probably ate too much, too, given I sat around most of the time. The malted for lunch was quite yummy, though, and therefore, well worth the calories that go along with all that calcium goodness.