Monday, July 04, 2005

Catching Up

Engaged in some decluttering. Didn't get rid of much, but things are now much neater in the den. The reading pile of comics and mags is much more uh, manageable.

Played a bit with Firefox, clicking on fav places, now Bookmarks, to get the FavIcons to appear. Even went and created one for ImPRESS Books. Tried to make one for this blog, but favicons have to have the same name and I have only the one server to store the file, and I can't have two different files with the same name. Oh well. The URL bar would've been cool with the little Milano cookies favicon I made, but it wasn't likely to show in IE and definitely not in AOL, so not too many people would've gotten to see it.

Mets pulled out a win. And now I'm going back to my decluttering.