Monday, May 09, 2005

Where Did the Day Go?

I, uh, viewed 275 blogs with Blog Explosion today. That isn't quite as horrible as it sounds. I was doing other things and had BE running. I really didn't sit here staring at the monitor all day. A lot of the blogs I'd already seen before, many new ones didn't interest me (politics, business, religion, mommy blogging), but I did find some interesting new ones and added a couple to my Bloglines subs. I also found an astronomy blog I linked to over on Alternate Reality. I also finally updated Retro-Spective, with a brief Mother's Day entry.

And while I surfed, I skimmed through a couple of Publishers Weeklys I had here and this month's Locus magazine.

I also cleaned a bit in the den, trying to put away a lot of the art supplies I've been keeping out where they can get dusty (this is a very dusty room). I got a big plastic box (okay, it's a men's shoe box) from The Container Store and put the varnishes and glue and other stuff I use all the time in it, then went through the mugs with brushes and pencils and discovered I have a helluva lot more drawing pencils than I'd realized. Apparently, being lazy, instead of sharpening the pencils over the years, I just bought new sharpened ones until I ended up with about 40. The big winner was the F (fine point) with 8 pencils, followed by HB (hard/well, I never did find out what the B is for, but it's a softer, bolder graphite, so maybe it's for bold) with 6.