Saturday, May 07, 2005

AOL's J-Land Expands

AOL is now allowing people with AIM accounts to make AOL journals. Personally, I don't get the attraction. AIM journals have ads and there are still free services out there that don't have ads, like Blogger and LiveJournal. And there are more features on other free blogging services, especially Blogger, or on services that also have ads, like Blogigo which is pretty cool, which I tried out so I could review it (and I didn't like the ad on top). And there's also Bravenet, which I didn't much like, and Blog-City and Blogdrive. AOL is just one more place to blog, that's all, one that's more strict about what you can post, given the few journals that got into trouble with AOL's TOS (the most recent mess hadn't even been a violation of TOS but the journal was deleted by AOL, anyway. Oops). And I'm assuming that AOL's TOS applies to their AIM journals, too. And these AIM journals probably stem out of AOL's desire to become more of a web presence in an attempt to bolster its bottom line. But if folks are looking for another free blogging service, that's one way to go.

Did I mention I deleted Cyber Chocolate, Jr.? Just didn't make sense to keep it. And this blog lost a Bloglines subscriber. It just got a new one a few weeks ago, and since most of the subscribers are private, not public, I don't know who came or went. Could be the same person, could be not. I shouldn't feel bad about it, since these things happen and I've dropped subs, too, for various reasons, but I still feel a bit bummed about it.

In other news, I woke up this morning with a stiff right shoulder and it now hurts every time I extend my right arm. I thought we're supposed to wake refreshed after a night's sleep, not like we'd been plowing fields all night.