Friday, April 01, 2005

The Wonder of Wireless...

...Leaves a lot to be desired, but is still pretty cool. The Best Western here in Baltimore is supposed to be fully wireless, but my laptop can't get a connection in our room (I'm here with my best bud) and I couldn't even get a connection in the computer room, but I did find a hot spot. Then we had to call best bud's hubby, aka Computer Guy, to talk me into reconfiguring Explorer to actually let me take advantage of the connection. And here I am. It's pretty cool.

I can't seem to get onto AOL, but I did get onto AOL's website, but couldn't get the message boards there, which I'm able to do at work on AOL's website. So I'm a bit bummed by that, but as long as I can blog, I'm hapy. I've got AOL's radio, via the website, playing my fav station, now on AOL for Broadband, which is pretty cool, too. And another couple of hours before this battery dies and I need to recharge.

So, I should be able to blog here most of the weekend, just here. I'll leave the other blogs for when I get back home.