Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Sun! The Sun!

I saw it today. And blue sky. And it was in the 50s. And I finally got to the gym. Okay, I just did a half hour on the treadmill and at a lower speed than usual, but after 3 months of no gym, I was glad to just get some exercise.

Picked up latest issue of Wizard (a comics mag for those who don't know) and there was an article on the new Crisis mini-series DC is doing this fall. It's gonna be another one of those "people will die" "big events" the way "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was back in '85 when Flash and Supergirl were killed. When Supergirl died (I never did finish reading the series), I stopped reading comics, except Titans, for 10 years. I stopped reading Titans in '91 when it got depressing and nasty, which meant I didn't read comic books at all from '91 to '95. I read my first comic when I was 7, back in 1960. Not reading comics was odd. I saved money, I had more time (I'd been reading 30 comics a month when I quit), but I missed them terribly. I hope they don't kill any characters who helped me get interested in giving DC Comics another try (I read some non-DC ones now, too), because I don't want to give them up again. But I will. I'll read just the one or two that might still have characters I like and that will be it. I understand that they want to put the other characters through an emotional wringer, but comics aren't just stories and the characters are very real to me. The characters are why I read comics. Take away the ones I want to read about and I have no reason to keep reading.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be New Jersey bound. Will try to blog while away, will see how it goes.