Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Month is it Again?

I enjoy summer. My favorite season is spring, followed by fall, but I do like summer. I just don't want to enjoy it in April. Sheesh, it got hot today, in the mid-80°s F. I felt so hot and tired by the time I got to the gym, that I managed only a half hour on the treadmill. bah

Otherwise, it was a perfect workday. I got to fiddle with our website just about the entire time. Almost have the home page where we like it, given all the fields/css that I can't change because I don't have an administrative login. But given what I can do, I'm mostly happy with it now and so are my bosses. Sometimes, I just can't believe I get paid to work on this. Then I blogged about the changes on the library's blog. I don't think anyone's reading the blog other than staff, but Rome wasn't built in a day, either. Probably not in a few months, either.

I wonder what it means that the work part of my day today was more interesting than the rest of my day?