Thursday, April 21, 2005

Beautiful Day and I'm in a Funk

I think it has to do with being tired. I actually went to bed early (for me) last night. There was a storm, wind and rain beating against the windows, but that didn't bother me. The car horn (thank goodness, not the annoying car alarm that usually goes off) that started bleating bothered me. It woke me at 5:15 a.m. I wasn't goind to check because I didn't want to open my eyes, but I did. feh. So I ended up losing some of the sleep time I'd gained by going to bed early. And I was so tired from the heat and gym yesterday.

I'm even too tired to read the stack of comics I got yesterday, though not too tired, apparently, to play online. I did draft a scene (not for the next book, just for the next collaborative spy story) and the Mets won tonight, so they're back to .500. And I did more fiddling on the website at work. And it was a perfect if a bit windy day.

Wish I had a fun link to share, but I didn't find any that were all that interesting today.

Just read this over. Boy, am I boring this week or what? I gotta find something interesting to blog about.