Saturday, April 30, 2005

Spring Cleaning

More like pruning. Of things in the sidebar. I moved the non-graphical webrings into the footer, made two of the section graphics smaller, shortened up some text, removed the link for Impish Delights, my Bloglines blog because my blogroll is now in the sidebar, and took out my year of reading now that I have all that in Shelly's Book Shelf. The sidebar is still a bit long (okay, very long), but I really want to keep that stuff though I am considering putting most of the fun links and graphics into an entry, then just putting the link to that in the sidebar. Your thought? I have reservations about it. People might not bother to click a bland link and would be more likely to find something fun if it was right there for them to see when they first land on the site. I don't want to go to three columns, either, because that would mean some sideways scrolling, which I hate, on some monitors and browsers. And less of the background would show.

And speaking of the background, I put in a "lawn" for May. This is a background I made in PhotoShop.