Thursday, April 28, 2005

Random Linkage

I love stuff like this: Don't Press the Red Dot. If you feel like killing a lot of time, you can do this indefinitely, or a long time before it begins to repeat. Found on Idle Type. Also, a test: Are You an Idiot? and an amazing Google Search.

I posted some library ranting over on Occasional Blog.

That's pretty much it for today. Answer the latest poll, if you haven't already, and be sure to pick up some cyber chocolate on your way out. I've been stuffing my face this week with the incredibly yummy dark chocolate egg matzoh. Did I mention that already? Quite tasty. A whole lot better than the crappy Passover sweets they had when I was a kid.

Oops, one more link, a sweet one: CandyUSA, found on Librarians Index to the Internet.