Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another Miscellaneous Blog Entry

I ranted a bit about a Steven Levy Newsweek column over on Occasional Blog. And posted pics from my weekend in rainy Baltimore, plus photos of my latest craft projects on Creative Endeavors.

Spent another night fiddling with DreamWeaver templates. I get lots of browser check errors when I draw layers, none when I add design tables. So I'm sticking with design tables for now and when I want something fancy with overlapping or whatever, and it's graphic, I'll do the whole thing in PhotoShop. At least I now have something I like for the publications pages on the website. I really want to take a web design class after I retire. I want to know more about how to do this and be able to figure out why things aren't working right.

Got to the gym today (a free day because I'm working on Saturday) and went shopping. After two hours, I'd bought a pair of shoes I liked but probably didn't need and was about to give up finding something useful (if a skirt had pockets, it either was a print I hated or my size wasn't there and if I like the skirt, it didn't have pockets or ones deep enough), when there it was, resting innocently on a rack in one of the Calvin Klein sections in Macy*s. Yes, a gray cotton skirt with pockets big enough to hold both my keys and wallet. And as usual with CK, my usual size fit perfectly. I was so happy, I got a funky black, designer top, too.