Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Weekend's Over Already?

Sheesh, but it goes fast. Spent the day doing a little cleaning (the bathrooms), a little crafting (decoupaged a box, but no pic yet; it's still drying), wrote a bit, blogged and blog surfed a bit, and cleaned junk out of a file cabinet (mostly craft papers I'm not going to use).

Tonight, I got broadsided by something that will affect my big vacation at the end of May. The con my best friend and I go to is still on, but how much time I spend with her before and after is now up in the air (we live in different states). How long I'm there will be determined by when and how I get there which will affect how much I can take with me, which affects how many crafts I should do and whether I'll have enough to bother with being in the art show, and a whole lot of other annoying things I don't feel like getting into. Bottom line is I feel she's choosing a longterm houseguest over me, a stray she took in who was once her son's girlfriend. We've been best friends for 20 years and I'm sure she feels I'm making her choose, but I'm not. I'm simply telling her I can't stay in her house while that girl is there, so it's my plans that are being affected. My problem, my choice. It was upsetting, I cried, she said via IM that she was about to cry, and I don't really care right now. This is the thing I most look forward to doing. I've been going to this con for something like 18 years, missing only one, and the last 15 or 16 times, I've gone with her. It's when I get to fully de-stress, but now there's a lot of stress attached to the whole thing and it won't feel like much of a vacation.

So I'm pissed and upset and not in a good mood right now. And if she reads this, not that she reads my blogs (tho she did sometimes read the AOL version), then she reads it. I can't worry about it. I don't have anything else to blog about. This is it. I don't usually get personal here, but sometimes, it's all I can be.