Sunday, March 27, 2005

No Day of Rest

But a nice day, all things considered. Normally, Sunday at lunch time is fairly quiet in the basement laundry room, so one would think Easter Sunday would be evenquieter. Nope. At least, I didn't have to wait for machines. And I started reading the latest Nameless Detective book by Bill Pronzini. It is peaceful to sit there, reading to the hum and whirr of washing machines and dryers. And I bring down a bottle of water and, today, a snack (M&Ms, if you must know).

Then I had a yummy chocolate malted for lunch while watching the Mets win their exhibition game, and after that, upgraded the laptop's firewall and anti-virus software. And somehow, the day went by.

Found this link on author Bill Crider's Blog: The Sewergator Sanctuary, for everyone who believes gators live in NYC's (or other cities') sewer system.

And for those of you who celebrate it, HAPPY EASTER!