Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chocolicious Goodness

Yummy link from Bacon and Eh's: The Sweet Lure of Chocolate. Also the Bathtub Art Museum.

Things I stuck on Impish Delights: I saw this transparent computer wallpaper on a couple of blogs, but found it on Google Blogoscoped first. Just creepy. When I'm lazy, I stick links on Impish Delights. I have some other fun links there, including the odd keyboard stool.

So we got around an inch or two of snow overnight. Slippery and slushy here in Queens this morning and very difficult for me to keep my balance on the way to the subway. Then, when I emerged from the subway at West 23rd St in Manhattan, there was no sign it had snowed, just some wetness. Just about all the snow was gone from Queens when I got home tonight. And they're saying it'll warm to the 50s tomorrow. I'm starting to feel like the ball in a ping pong game being played between Winter and Spring and I can't tell which is winning.