Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday, Monday

I'm having some trouble with titles these days. Titles used to come so easily. I'm wondering if I used up all my good ones. I need titles for the sequel to my draft novel and titles for posts.

We're supposed to see Spring tomorrow. Winter is scheduled to return for a bit on Wednesday. Makes me wonder if summer will be cool, too, or hot as hell just for a change of pace. Today was just annoying: chilly, clammy, cloudy with misty rain, more like November than March.

Got my blood test results from my annual physical. My cholesterol is a delightful 178 (good HDL = 73, bad LDL = 93), if you don't mind me bragging a bit. And my thyroid levels are fine, even if I feel tired a lot, which I'm thinking is from my other hormones being out of whack thanks to the start of menopause, though I think I'm technically still in perimenopause. There's something encouraging though about seeing all the test numbers in the "normal" column.

I get to do a new blog at work, temporarily. We're hosting a conference in early May and my boss wanted to put some pages up on our website for it and I told him it would be easier to do it as a blog which can be quickly deleted when the conference is over, so he said to do it. Cool. I love getting to blog for work. It feels like I'm getting paid for one of my hobbies.

I typed in a few years' worth of reading on Shelly's Book Journal. I'm now up to 1970. This is going to take a while for me to finish. I'm hoping to get it down well before I need to add 2005.

No fun links tonight. Just go look at some of the blogs and sites listed on the right. There's something for nearly everyone.