Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hint of Spring

Yup, the sun came out, the temps warmed to the 50s, the sky cleared, and the day was glorious. I took a nice walk lunchtime because I knew that was going to be it for spring this week. Rainy snow tomorrow, more cool precip on Thursday, probably Friday, and maybe into Saturday. March is being a complete lion, a lion that ate the lamb it's supposed to turn into around now. I'm thinking rain through April til the May flowers are supposed to arrive. And all this moisture means a healthy mosquito population this summer and that means, ta da, another West Nile virus scare.

Had one of those days at work where I managed to undo half of what I did today. I so do not like redoing something that took me 2 hours to do in the first place. But at least, I'm getting faster at fixing what I screw up on the blog and website. And I didn't lose any data.

Another excellent episode of "House" tonight, along with a strong "NCIS," were much appreciated. And I did a personal survey meme over on Malt Shop.

In cruising on Blog Explosion and reading many of my regular blog reads, I keep coming across music memes. You know the sort. Randomly name 5 songs from your iPod or other music playing device.... Uh, for me, that would be the radio. I've had it on all day and can't tell you what played. All oldies, but I just don't keep track. I love that radio does the programming for me. I don't have to choose what to listen to (yes, pretty much always the same station now that WCBS 101.1 FM is on AOL for broadband and I can get it through the AOL website at work). I can take more time choosing a CD to listen to than the time it would take to actually listen to it.

Oh, I have CDs. Lots. I always play the new ones when I get them home. And that's usually it. Back when all we had to store music on was on round vinyl disks that we bought in stores that sold these magical records (LPs, for long playing, and 45s), I used to take a stack and place them on the spindle and they'd drop one by one onto the turntable, then after the stack played, I'd turn them over to listen to the other sides. But the collection got too big for me to work through most of them before bed, so decisions regarding what to listen to had to be made. And I usually opted for the radio. It's still my music of first choice. And now they keep "updating" the playlist to attract new, aka younger, listeners so they can stay viable in the business. So while I miss what's not being played anymore, I get a lot of "new" selections. Now that's what I call variety.