Thursday, February 10, 2005

Techie Talk

Well, not really. I'm no techie and I sure can't talk the talk. But I just responded to a comment on another of my Blogger blogs and discovered a nice new interface that lets me see the comments as well as the original post. Very cool.

Got my new PC at work (another Dell) and already, I have a love / hate relationship with it.
Things I love:
  1. It's black and silver and very sleek looking.
  2. It has a writeable CD / DVD drive.
  3. It has 2 USB ports in front, as well as 4 on the back.
  4. Nice, sharp monitor.

Things I hate:
  1. It's a Dell.
  2. It, as with every other Dell I've had at work, has the crappiest CD holder. Unlike my Gateway at home which lets me just drop in the disk, on the Dell, I need to snap the disk onto the spindle thingie. The little button to open the CD drive is teeny and hard to push and the button for the 3 1/2 disk drive isn't much better.
  3. It's still on the old, slow server (made worse since yesterday due to a virus attack that forced the tech guys to shut down most of the system ports. Kinda like when the express and local trains all run on the local track and make all stops. argh)
  4. I didn't get the monitor with the built-in speakers. I had saved the speakers from my old PC so we could put them on one of the reference desk computers, but I'm keeping them unless I get a monitor with speakers (which are pretty cool, btw). I hate using headphones. They make my ears itch and fill with fluid.

The tech guy still has to come install some stuff, but otherwise, I'm operational, after being computer-less for a couple of hours. I hope it's still working tomorrow.

Update on my cold: It started to break today. Sore throat eased up, nose blowing commenced, head congestion is starting to drain.