Thursday, February 10, 2005


I was cut off from the cyber world for nearly an hour! The cable modem apparently went out. First, it looked like the Norton Firewall had blocked AOL, but my IE was down, too, and I rebooted three times, but that didn't work. Aargh. It was probably the cable company, though the cable TV service was fine. And there's no dial-up modem on this thing. An hour! And already I was suffering withdrawal when I got IE back up.

Wil Wheaton is going to guest star on CSI, which is pretty cool. I like him. I especially like him as a writer. His blog, WilWheatonDotNet, if you don't know, is very entertaining. His entry on auditioning for CSI was a nice slice of Hollywood for a working actor. I recently bought his book Just a Geek.

Watched Man From UNCLE and I Spy after Alias tonight. From ABC in the present to GoodLife's trip down memory lane equals a fine night of TV viewing.