Saturday, February 26, 2005


I ranted about Michael Gorman's Library Journal article here on Occasional Blog. His article has been the topic of much discussion in the blogosphere and as a librarian, I felt the need to add my two cents.

Spent the day catching up with some stuff, but never as much as I start out planning to get to. Did watch tapes from last night's JAG, Third Watch, and for the first time, Numb3rs. I liked Numb3rs a lot, but hadn't bothered with it before because there's just too much on I like on Fridays, mainly the SciFi Channel's lineup of the 2 Stargates and Battlestar Galactica (and it was nice seeing Callum Keith Rennie on it again; he'd done the mini-series). But my favorite actor, Keith Szarabajka, was on Numb3rs last night, so I had to see it. He played the train wrecker on the show and is best known for playing Mickey Kostmayer on The Equalizer and more recently, Holtz on Angel. I'd heard his voice on the previews (it's very distinctive) and knew I couldn't miss it. He's not the best looking actor or the most popular. He isn't all that well known. But when someone gets under your skin, well.... There's just something about him. First time I saw him was in a movie starring Alan Arkin called "Simon." That was back around 1980. He had a small part in the beginning as Arkin's lab assistant, but he got under my skin from that first moment I saw him.

I did get to briefly meet Alan Arkin during the filming of "Simon" at Columbia U, where I was in library school. I got his autograph, which was cool, because I've been a fan of his since I was a kid and had seen "The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!" Many years later, I got to see Keith S. on stage, a few times (among his other stage roles, he played BD in "Doonesbury: the Musical," but I didn't get to meet him til a few years later), and got to speak with him and get his autograph, too.