Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The More Things Change...

It was one of those days, the kind that tend to run into each other. It passed by in a blur but I really don't remember actually doing anything. NCIS was funny and House was its usual edgy self and now I'm watching David Letterman show clips from a very odd broadcast of Pres. Bush listening to a woman talk about her TV problems, a fittingly bizarre end to the day. I know I slept last night and I remember dreaming, though not what the dreams were, but I didn't feel in any way rested. Of course, with yesterday having been a holiday, today felt like Monday, which is probably why I didn't connect mentally with the day.

No fun links tonight. I don't want this to become a link blog, but honestly, I didn't see anything on the links blogs that caught my attention.

YES! I just checked and I'm a Crawly Amphibian again! Thank you whoever pulled me out of the water where I was flipping around sucking in oxygen through my fishy gills. I hope it lasts for a while. I was getting kinda wrinkly.*

*Might be a Flippery Fish again by the time I get this posted. heh