Sunday, February 13, 2005

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Shoebox Greeting card I received in the mail:

Black and white photo of two women sitting on a sofa.
1st says: "He didn't!"
2nd says: "Oh, yes, he did."
1st: "Well clearly he was wrong."
2nd: "That's what I told him."

Inside card:
"You're more than a friend to me.
You're like a psychotherapist who takes sides.
Happy Valentine's Day."

Actually, I got two of the above card. The first was from my best friend, J, not just for Valentine's Day, but in commemoration of 20 years of friendship this month. The second was from my second best friend and writing collaborator, D.

I got a deja vu chill when I opened the second one a few days after the first. The old "Where did I see this before?" moment. Then I saw the first on my desk. duh

Thanks, J and D. You guys are the best, and you obviously think alike. I know I agree with you. heh