Friday, February 18, 2005

Enterprising Enterprise

As a fan of the original Star Trek series since it first aired in 1965, I feel I should comment on the movement by fans of ST: Enterprise to raise enough money to keep the low-rated show on another season. I stopped watching it two seasons ago because, much as I tried to like it, it kept betraying my trust. And when they decided to rewrite established Trek history by having a new gang of aliens destroy part of Earth, well, that was the last straw for me.

I was a happy camper when the original show was saved by a fan write-in campaign, but a year later, following a lackluster third season, it was mercifully axed again, to later find renewed life in movies and in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I loved Next Gen and Deep Space 9. But Voyager was flawed and never lived up to its true potential and Enterprise was a wrongheaded idea from the gitgo. It could have been fun seeing everything discovered for the first time, but the possibilities were logically limited by the established history. So they brought in new aliens, a temporal war, and basically screwed up the universe. And the cast was the weakest of all the series so far.

So while I would love seeing a new show, I won't be contributing or signing petitions or fighting for Enterprise. Unless they'll guarantee the temporal war will reset everything to what it should be, eliminating the events that contradict the established history. And if Rick Berman has nothing to do with the show.