Sunday, January 16, 2005

Now What Do I Do Til Baseball Starts?

Yeah, the Jets lost. In overtime. The defense was great, but the offense couldn't get past the Steeler's defense. Chad Pennington, the Jets quarterback, was probably off due to having had the flu this week, too. Well, at least they made it exciting.

LiveJournal was down for about a day, but it seems back up now. Kinda makes up for the times Blogger was down over the summer. Not only couldn't I get on to update, but I couldn't read any LJs, either. I guess sooner or later, every online service goes down for a bit. It's how computers keep us humble.

A lot of people using Blog Explosion have also joined the new Blog Clicker service which is new and does pretty much the same thing as BE but is more generous apparently with contests. And I don't get it. I have enough trouble with my BE addiction. The thought of doing surfing with two such services gives me a light-headed feeling.