Saturday, January 15, 2005

Best Laid Plans

Often go awry.

I had plans. I was going to go to the gym, then maybe shop for shoes on sale. But I wasn't feeling well for most of the morning and by the time I was, I wasn't in the mood to put on winter coat and schlep out to the gym, so I stayed home and did something I've been putting off for months now. I went through the stacks of unread books in front of the shelved books. I weeded what I had and got the to all intents and purposes unshelved books properly shelved, but not all the fiction is in strict author order because the shelves (a wall unit we had built to spec) were designed for mass market paperbacks and while most trade pbs and some hardcovers will fit in their proper place, most don't, so I had to shelve them after the main fiction section and I still don't have room for all the suspense/mysteries/thrillers, so they're in front of old record albums, but they fit nicely and look neat and I don't have to worry anymore about books hanging over the edges of shelves falling off onto my head. And it was decent exercise, too, more than sitting in a chair and surfing the web or Blog Explosion all afternoon.

And now the Jets just tied Pittsburgh with an awesome punt return by Santana Moss (and wouldn't that be a great name for a character in a novel?) for a touchdown, followed by the extra point, so even if they lose, they're playing a good game so far. Pittsburgh has a tough team with a strong defense, so there wouldn't be any shame in losing and the Jets did get past the first playoff round, but boy, it sure would be great if they won. BTW, seeing a field full of Pittsburgh Steelers and a lot of people in the stands wearing the Pittsburgh colors (yellow and black) is like looking at a swarm of bees.