Sunday, January 02, 2005

Notes on the New Year

Okay, not a very informative subject line. Actually, it kinda sucks.

This sucks, too. Kelly Freas, the extraordinary science fiction and fantasy artist, has died. His work was amazing; he was truly one of the best illustrators. Found on Boing Boing.

I spent most of the day building a crafts website for a friend (not that I know what I'm doing, but I had the time, a better version of DW, and I know more than she does about it) and last night, I played in PhotoShop. It took me hours to erase the background around a crafted box in a photo. I don't know how folks do it. I sure don't have a steady hand.

It's still warm and I ate too much this weekend. Sounds like a nice start for the new year. Starting this week, I'll be doing a quick revision of my science fiction novel and proofread it in order to send it to my collaborator in a few weeks. That should kill my nights, which is why I wanted to use this weekend to play with Dreamweaver and PhotoShop.

One thing I didn't get much this weekend is sleep. Too late to bed, couldn't fall asleep, up early enough to give me no more than 4-5 hours of sleep both nights and I'm sure tonight won't be much different. This perimenopause thing can really get on one's nerves. And there's one more week til former Monkee Mickey Dolenz will on the radio, waking me up. Given my crush on him when I was a teen, that sounds so odd now.

New shows start this week. Alias starts up on Wednesday; MI5 is back, on Saturdays this time; and the regular shows should all have new episodes. What can I say, I'm a TV addict. Good thing I never tried drugs. TV is my drug. Along with chocolate, of course.