Saturday, January 01, 2005

Greeting the New Year

One test of Chinese food is how it tastes the next day, especially cold. The leftovers (and there were plenty) from last night's dinner were not up to par. I really miss the restaurant that used to be in that location. Their Chinese food was often better cold the next day than it was hot the first day. It's so hard finding a good Chinese restaurant in this neighborhood.

I think I need to make a chocolate malted.

It's absolutely gorgeous right now. Sunny, temp is 57° F. (and I love knowing the html code so I can include the degree symbol). If the calendar didn't say January, I'd swear it was the end of March.

So I noticed yesterday as I left work at 5:00 pm and headed west to the avenue that it was a bit lighter than a week ago. Am I the only one who's noticed the days are getting longer? And I never thought of myself as a sun worshipper, but I sure do miss it being light out when I leave work.