Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Linkage to Go

From Boing Boing: A Windows Error Message Generator. I made one, but was too lazy to save as a bitmap so I can then change to a gif before uploading. But there's a fun gallery of messages folks have already made. The one I made was for AIM. Error: No one wants to IM with you. Click: (Go Sulk) (Retry) (Change Name).

Also from Boing Boing: Dress-a-Vac, for when you want your upright vacuum cleaner to look like a giant cat or rat in a gingham dress. Goes with, uh, no decor I've seen. And if that doesn't float your boat, how about a Chocolate Solar System. Yum. I think. Personally, I think they look like alien eyeballs.

This was one graphic toy I couldn't bring myself to play with, but perhaps you'd like to become a PowerPuff Girl. Found on Chaos Theory.

This is really cool for anyone interested in graphic design: How to design a logo, found on Grow-a-brain.

J-Walk Blog found Edible Chess for us. Well, the cutters to make the pieces, anyway.