Thursday, December 09, 2004

Odd Thoughts and Stuff

Some fluff, found on Get it All Down by way of the Cataloguer at Sweet Memes.

My Hobbit Name: Iris Loamsdown of Deephallow

Cyber Chocolate's Hobbit Name: Lobelia Bumbleroot of Fair Downs

Cyber Chocolate's Hockey Name (you get to pick the nationality between Canadian, Russian, and French Canadian: Vladimir Chocolateov

Boing Boing found a link for Choco-Cthulu, for folks bored with the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese on Toast.

Here's a line in one of the books I'm reading that I must repeat here, a very wise statement from the narrator, a pre-teen girl: "You can find out a great deal from one half hour well spent at a library." (Shadow Baby by Alison McGhee)

I've been doing some revamping of my Presto Speaks! blog(s). So far, I've mostly fiddled with the LiveJournal version and given it a new name: Write Stuff (for now). The URL remains unchanged.

Time sure flies and I'm a bit behind it. My nephew has been 13 since August, but until someone mentioned it at his bar mitzvah party last Saturday, I hadn't realized that meant he was a teenager! Wow. I can still remember holding him for the first time. He was a month early and so tiny, barely 5 pounds 3 ounces. He's still shortish for his age and fairly slender, but I can see his face maturing into, gasp, yes, a teenager. Sometimes, it's easy to miss the obvious.

I wrote about my first penpal over in Retro-Spective if you care to take a look.