Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Blog, Therefore I Am

Not much to say today here. I blogged about Summer Camp over in Retro-Spective. Before that, I blogged about penpals there. If you want to hear boring details of my youth, that's the blog to visit.

Just caught a bit of Joe Buck on the Late Late Show before I have to get to bed. If he ever decides to give up sportscasting, he could have a real future in the comedy talk show biz.

Frustrating day at work. We were shortstaffed so I had to do 2 hours on the phones, which were busy, and I got to only half of what I'd planned for the day. Which means twice as much to finish tomorrow. And the computers were weird, or maybe just the server. IE was blinking at me, then 9 IE windows opened up. It was fine after I rebooted but it was so weird seeing all those IE windows cascading across the screen.

Haven't had much time to find fun links to share. I hate thinking that there's something fun out there that I might not know about. Yeah, I'm addicted to this crazy blogging thing. And I think I need to go to bed now. Half my brain's alseep and the other half wants to join it.