Saturday, December 04, 2004

Fun Stuff

My nephew did a great job at his bar mitzvah this morning, one of the best I've heard — and that's not just a proud aunt talking. He was the first bar or bat mitzvah I've heard who, in his speech part, really talked about what the passage he'd read in the Torah actually meant, not just saying how it related to his own life. Considering how shy he was when he was younger, he did great.

So, I'm home, killing a few hours before his bar mitzvah party tonight and surfing the web and found this on Cynical-C Blog: Ask Google Images a Question. Very quirky and rather funny. I think I'll give it a try when I have time.

Presurfer had this: Shit Happens. Long a classic on tee-shirts, this lists the various permutations of the expression by ideology and religous beliefs. And Literal Answers to Rhetorical Questions.

And now, I'm off to party. :)