Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Day in a Recliner

It's leather with a matching ottoman and so comfy. I sat in it most of the day, using a cheap piece of thin canvas on my lap as a table (I use such canvases, which cost about $2 each, as tables when I craft) and finished my holiday cards. They'll go in the mail Monday.

I also started going through some of the magazines that piled up since I went on a writing tear last weekend. There was an interesting article in Publishers Weekly on the meshing of comic book and cartoon techniques with traditional picture books, ie the use of multi-panels on a page, word balloons, sound effects, and edgier art. They're being called graphic picture books and the samples in the article looked intriguing. I'll have too keep an eye out for them. They're apparently being geared for all ages, in a wide crossover bid.

Finally got to see the "Anonymous Rex" (based on Eric Garcia's books about dino PI Vincent Rubio, a velociraptor) TV movie on SciFi channel, which aired last Saturday, but the VCR failed to tape it. It reran on Thursday night. I loved the casting, didn't mind the added characters and changes (they had to do something re: the way the dinos disguised themselves as humans as filming them stuffing their tales and scales into body suits would've been laughable onscreen and difficult to do), but the thing was just weird. I didn't blog about it right away because I had to think on it a bit and now I think it was weird because this just works better without the visuals. This would've made a great radio play. It needs to have things left to the imagination. Which isn't to say I wouldn't watch a sequel. Sam Trammell made a very nice Vincent.