Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Random Thinking

I ranted over on Occasioal Blog. I put up the results from a spacy quiz I took on Quizilla over on Alternate Reality.

Yesterday, I had trouble getting a woman's last name to look up her file so I asked her to spell it. She uttered every single letter in the A as in apple style. When she got to "T as in....tea," I almost lost it (my professional composure, that is).

An item in the NY Daily News that caught my eye:
Beavers put loot to use
GREENSBURG, La. — Blame it on those dam
When cops searched a Loouisiana creek for some stolen cash that had been
dumped there, they quickly recovered a lot — but not all — of the missing loot.
Then denputies noticed an empty money bag up against a beaver dam.
After breaking down the beaver dam and draining the pond it had created,
cops found thousands of dollars woven into the sticks and brush that the beavers
had used to make their dam.
"They hadn't torn the bills up. They were still whole," said Maj. Michael

I guess real estate values are going up in the beaver world, same as for us humans.