Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mea Culpa

I missed a day of blogging. Can't promise it won't ever happen again, but I do feel awful. Terrible. Guilty as all heck. Really. Mostly. Sorta.

I was going to work on my novel today, but ended up cleaning the bad coding in a WordPerfect document for a story a friend wrote for the spy fiction zine-style books I print up for my little amateur press. And then I talked with my collaborator about the novel and we worked out some issues re: character motivation and all is good. But the day went somewhere when I wasn't looking and now is over. So I'm hoping to get back to the WIP tomorrow, Sunday.

I surfed a bit via Blog Explosion and some random thoughts came out of that. To move to the next blog, you have to click on one of the numbers set against a murky black/white background that the screen tells you to click. Most are triple digit numbers, some are double-digit. Some are hard to distinguish as in being only one digit different than each other. But some numbers just resonate. The 3-digit numbers are the one that most intrigue. Someone blogged about getting 666 as the number to click. I got that two days later. When 146 comes up, I think of my elementary school — that was its number. Other numbers resonate for me, too. 641 was the phone exchange for our phone number when I was growing up. It's also the Dewey Decimal number for cookbooks. Yes, as I gaze at the numbers, looking for the one I'm supposed to click, the librarian in me is checking the DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) numbers. I got 796 today — sports! There were lots I didn't have memorized and others I know well. Who knew surfing on Blog Explosion could have so many levels to it.

I did find a quiz to do on Catalogue Blog.
Blackletter- You are all hard edges and efficiency,
but have a balanced side.

What Calligraphy Hand Are You?
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